highest industry packaging standards

fda licensed filling

Blue Planet International Corporation packages its California MAGnificent™ High Alkaline, High Magnesium Mineral Water in a FDA licensed facility under the supervision of the California State Health Department.  This facility maintains superior manufacturing processes to insure consumer safety, great taste and unmatched quality. 

high quality packaging

Our California MAGnificent products are bottled with the highest quality bottling systems using BPA Free recyclable PET bottles.  The entire process of bottling California MAGnificent are second to none!  This facility has also been approved to bottle beverage products for the United States Military.


California MAGnificent packaging is stylish, easy to hold and the one (1) liter bottle fits into traditional vehicle cup holders.  Most importantly its what's in the bottle.  You don't just look good, but you feel good.  Currently, California   MAGnificent™  comes in "still" form.